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Scripted with the mission of bringing authentic regional products and locally produced handicrafts of Indian origin to the forefront of e-retail, EzoBuy is a niche marketplace with an emphasis on indigenous authenticity. Each product showcased on our website is carefully hand-picked from its root of origin, no matter how remote. Every step of the process from the product catalogue, write up, photoshoot upto product delivery is tailored to make online shopping as easy as clicking a button. So come shop with ease at EzoBuy.

The Store – “ A City Marketplace”

Being an Online Store for Authentic “Made in India” products in the Real Sense, EzoBuy will be pioneering the concept of a ‘Shop by City’ Navigation. Navigate directly to the Desired City and be treated with the Famous Specialties of that city be it the ‘Khadi-wear’ of Ahmedabad or the ‘Chikan Suits’ of Lucknow or the Silk Sarees of Benaras. Fail to Recall the Root-City of a desired product, there is always the ‘Category Navigation’ to fall back to.

With an aim to stimulate your sense of ‘Curiosity’, EzoBuy will in subtle ways bridge you to the Local Indian Manufacturer – the Potter, the Weaver, the Sculptor, the Painters as in most case your purchases are sourced directly from the Manufacturer. Feeling confused about a Buying Decision, the Shopping Concierge will be at your dispo sal on demand. Just request a Call-back using the ‘Click to Call’ widget.

However, being a niche Marketplace will in no way hinder you from the usual benefits of Online Retail, be it-

  • Multiple Payment Methods.
  • Cash on Delivery.

  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Easy Returns.

Product Categories

Ethnic Apparels

Ethnic Accessories


Show Pieces

Home Furnishings




Food Items

The Selling Process

Why Partner as a Vendor? will be launched as a “Managed Marketplace” which translates into ease-of-use and strong turnovers for the Vendor.

This is how

Perks of a ‘Managed’ Marketplace

Cheapest Commissions in the business
Professional Catalog Management & Photoshoots
Niche Product Categories rarely found on other Online Outlets
1 Vendor per Product Category- Results in Enhanced Visibility for for your products
Telephonic Seller Support on Demand
Business Intelligence to drive higher Sales
Innovative Packaging for Customer Engagement
Promo Offers & Attractive Product Marketing for higher Conversions

The Story...

Being avid online shoppers themselves, the founders of ‘EzoBuy’ were habituated to buy everything Online be it movie tickets, clothes, mobiles, furniture or local deals. One day on the look-out for an authentic Khadi Kurta, one of the Co-founders made a search for the same on three e-commerce marketplaces. He got thousands of product offerings as search results with multiple retailers dealing in Khadi Kurtas. However, he was not able to identify which one of those was actually produced and procured from Gujarat, the region famous for Khadi production in India. Furthermore, none of the Marketplaces provided a Disclaimer about the Root Location or Authenticity of the Product.

This problem really vexed the Co-founders and made them realize how unrepresented the space for ‘Authentic’ Indigenous / Famous Regional products was in Indian e-commerce. To address this problem, they crafted an online Store for famous ‘Made In India’ products from different cities of India. The store ensures that every offered product is sourced from the city from which it is famous for which and the Shopper can always be assured of its genuineness. This endeavor in turn gives an impetus to our Local Manufacturers (artisans, weavers, potters, sculptors) by representing them adequately in the Indian E-commerce scene.



To build curiosity in the Customers mind to explore Indian cities for their famous ‘Indigenous’ products and build trust that the featured products are sourced from the promised locations only (Genuineness).”.

To make EzoBuy the go-to Online Store for Authentic ‘Indigenous (Local)’ Products in the categories of apparels, footwear, home furnishings, food items and handicrafts.”.

Progress Till Date...

Website Development

Server Hosting

Logistic Partners
Tied Up.

Payment Gateway

Packaging material
Designed. .

Store (Website) Launch
Pending (Reason: No Start Up Seed Capital)